I really like the idea of self respect; living life according to yourself and not others. I believe this is an important concept to self fulfillment and prosperity that is often times absent in modern day society, though is a strong theme throughout Gone With the Wind. Without a doubt, Tara, her childhood home, acts as a looking glass for Scarlett, mirroring the ups and downs of her life in its land while similarly acting as symbol of herself. It was built up from the hands of her father (his slaves) without money or reputation-the “Southern” American Dream- and that is how Scarlett based her life.  She was beautiful and innocent with the land, grew destroyed yet stronger through the war and eventually grew up. She met many struggles while the land did the same, and in the end went back to Tara to build up her life, build up the land, and gain redemption. Tara is one of the few beings in the world which she respected and when she realized this concept of her soul being with the land, she gained respect for herself.

Along with the abstract approach to self respect I would also like to touch on the human rights issues of self respect (I think). I believe if I could find a way to do it smoothly bringing in the racism seen within the book as well as the concepts of feminism would be really cool. I found an interesting article here that talks about how Gone With the Wind is a good and bad representation of Feminism, though how Rhett and Scarlett remain outside the bubble of social prejudices seen during that civil war time.


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Hi! I am an AP Lit Student at Penn High School (am I allowed to say that Mr. Coffee?) ["oh well" shoulder shrug] and this blog is to discuss my senior exit project with my peers and others! I am a fan of most literature, except some teeny bopper romances (Sara Dessen that means you sorry), and my favorites come straight from the Barnes & Noble classics shelf. So enjoy, comment, and read on!

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