This post is going to be a whirl wind of blog thought but I feel as if I am coming to a breakthrough so I am just going to spill out my ideas and research findings so I can make sense of it all in the rough draft-sorry if this post is a maze.

I really love finding foil characters within stories and Gone With the Wind has many.  Scarlett’s attraction to both Rhett and Ashley is surprising; the lady’s man and the scholar. They foil each other not only through psychological attributes but physical characteristics as well.  Ashely is blonde and light and good and constantly in another world though Rhett is dark and spirited and aware. Ashley is completely foreign to Scarlett, “not like the other boys” which is where her attraction stems from. On the other side of the spectrum Rhett is independent and strong and powerful, everything Scarlett aspires to be. She is manipulative and selfish and cruel because she believes that these are the traits that make you powerful, which ultimately did in the business world, but she remained far from it in the world of love.  She wanted Ashley because he was different and she knew that she could never have him. She wanted Rhett at first out of admiration and in the end because of her realization that she did love him and the she would have to win him back again. Scarlett is not a character, a being, who can settle with normality and happiness, after her experience in the Civil War, she had to arouse  a battle because she loved the fight, the chase, the game, whatever you want to call it. This obsession led her to her demise in the end of the story, though her ultimate realization that land and the concept which land is the core of life. It is living and yet it is resolute in location though ever changing in situation (again bringing up a point from a previous post).

Back to foil characters, Melanie and Scarlett are another perfect example. Scarlett is manipulative, selfish, cruel, and very passionate. Melanie on the other hand is an example of the pre-modern woman, she is soft, genteel, and kind, everything Scarlett is not. Scarlett doesn’t want children though has the full capabilities to deliver them, while Melanie gave up her life in an attempt to have more. Melanie’s compassion is why Scarlett and Ashley both love her and why Scarlett could never be with Ashley. For this entire post I used the site here for reference, it is probably the most helpful site I have found this while time while blogging. And as a side note, thanks for sticking through this post I know it was confusing but letting my brain spew helped immensely in figuring out what I would like to say in my paper!


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Hi! I am an AP Lit Student at Penn High School (am I allowed to say that Mr. Coffee?) ["oh well" shoulder shrug] and this blog is to discuss my senior exit project with my peers and others! I am a fan of most literature, except some teeny bopper romances (Sara Dessen that means you sorry), and my favorites come straight from the Barnes & Noble classics shelf. So enjoy, comment, and read on!

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  1. Remember to cite early and often.

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