This past week I didn’t get a chance to read any farther in my senior exit project book, though I was able to research some for my paper.  Through my searching I was able to find a site that touches on the racist attitude which Gone With the Wind displayed.  Though my paper isn’t on racism it was interesting to see the controversy of the black woman represented in the story and that site can be seen here, (this site also compares and contrasts the book to the movie).  I was also able to find another site that looks at both sides of the feminist controversy and though the article does tend to take you in a bit of a circle it was non the less interesting to read and this site can be found here. I also really enjoyed the ending comment about the stories obvious lack of a happy ending, though historically inaccurate the book does offer a startling realistic look on human motives and the cause and effect of choices which I really enjoy.  Take that Nicholas Sparks and Stephanie Meyer.

I was also able to locate a site that talks about though Scarlett may not be a role model she displays aspects of her personality that would be considered more masculine, not gentle enough to be traits of women. Access that site here. This site also elaborates on how though the Scarlett’s moral revolve more around keeping herself and family safe, she still remains a powerful, possibly heroic, character.

My love of Scarlett comes from her ability to change her situation in life no matter the consequences; she will liv the life she wants, and she never gives up.  As Rhett Butler walks out the door Scarlett is already planning how to get him back, and it’s and alluring idea.

To go along with this research, I just remembered the book Vanity Fair and though the books contain completely separate ideas I would like to think that I would be able to bring it in as another source (as a side not I have already read the book). I am also planing on reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin – its a short book and would be nice to have as an additional source that contains equally controversial ideas.


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  1. macoffeegrounds says:

    Any sense of how true the film is to the novel? — would that help?
    I do like the Awakening angle. Does Kate Chopin open up the possibility for a Gone with the Wind to exist?

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