So I have been very busy lately and getting to my 900 page book of Gone With the Wind has been a challenge for me.  I am on page 200, and the book itself is easy to read, it’s just very long!  So far I have definitely found some points which I would like to expand upon with the main theme going farther than just feminism.  I would like to fully detail what feminism consists of, relating self respect to my overall concept.  To further enhance this point I would also like to read The Awakening, by Kate Chopin. This novella also amplifies this point in that in order for a woman to gain respect she must first respect herself. I feel as if this topic would be easy to turn around and accidentally find myself fighting against the point I am going to try and make.  Ultimately, where do you draw the line between feminism and the expectations of society meaning, is it demeaning for a man to hold a door for a woman and why do feminists say yes. Isn’t he just following a kindness code, or is it something greater than that, signifying a weakness in woman.  I am excited about this project, but I am worried that I might lose my theme and unless I develop strong points, it will be hard to follow my argument through the whole paper.

Overall this project is proving to be difficult, in that it is hard for me to find time to read as well as research for other resources while keeping up with my other studies and work.  I am hoping that with the end of February comes the end of my busy schedule!


About mmarie94

Hi! I am an AP Lit Student at Penn High School (am I allowed to say that Mr. Coffee?) ["oh well" shoulder shrug] and this blog is to discuss my senior exit project with my peers and others! I am a fan of most literature, except some teeny bopper romances (Sara Dessen that means you sorry), and my favorites come straight from the Barnes & Noble classics shelf. So enjoy, comment, and read on!

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