SO I am a little stuck as to what I want to do for my Senior Exit Project. What to read? Who or what to write about? I am just a collaboration of different thoughts.  I thought for a while that I wanted to do Jane Austen and one of her books but that seems to be way too (overplayed).  Then possibly Dumas and one of his books [3 Musketeers or Count of M.C.] but again his books seem a little typical and how would I grow on one of those.  I really want to read the book Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and that seems to be a good choice-but I still have yet to read the book.  This is a huge choice and I am feeling a little crazed, mad-hatter-esque, so I guess I will just wait to see how everything plays out…..

Also sorry, I just realized the useless-ness of this post.


About mmarie94

Hi! I am an AP Lit Student at Penn High School (am I allowed to say that Mr. Coffee?) ["oh well" shoulder shrug] and this blog is to discuss my senior exit project with my peers and others! I am a fan of most literature, except some teeny bopper romances (Sara Dessen that means you sorry), and my favorites come straight from the Barnes & Noble classics shelf. So enjoy, comment, and read on!

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  1. macoffeegrounds says:

    Crime and Punishment would be a fair choice. What would you like to do with it?

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